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Our Valentines Have a Heart of Gold

Gold Small Knot Earrings | hypoallergenic earrings

It’s that wondering time again… Valentine’s Day is here again and whether your partner loves chocolate and bubbly or a warm fire with wine, sometimes, jewelry just takes the cake. Heart to heart, our artisans have created a small but lovely collection of very affordable pieces to crown the evening. Imagine the look on her […]

What Are The Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears?

It’s All About The Look A beautiful earring set can go with so many different outfits. So, having earrings that work for you is essential. Many people of all walks of life are wearing this type of jewelry, but it can sometimes present a problem. You may have found that your ears turn red, itch, […]

What Are Pierced Earrings For Sensitive Ears?

Pierced Earrings For Sensitive Ears – A Special Breed That Is Better For Your Skin If you have been spending a lot of time trying to find pierced earrings for your sensitive ears, you have probably found that the effort can waste your precious time and money. You may not know why your ears are […]

Allergy Free Earrings – A Few Facts to Help You Find the Right Ones

There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye People whose ears and skin are sensitive to certain metals, one of which is nickel, may find it necessary to find and buy something called “allergy free earrings”. These are earrings that are safe for those whose ears are unable to tolerate any direct contact with available […]

Things to Know About Surgical Stainless Steel Earrings

Surgical Stainless Steel Earrings – Here’s the deal: There are many women all over the world that have pierced ears who are also suffering from a reaction to their earrings. Surgical stainless steel earrings are a very popular solution for women that have this issue. Here is some facts that people should be aware of […]


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