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Hypoallergenic Earring Parts and Backs

We make all of our hypoallergenic earring parts and backs just like our earrings.  The process employs the same high grade, hypoallergenic, surgical stainless steel. Then, we plate the gold backs in 24K gold for a beautiful color without giving you irritation. Silver backs are stainless steel polished to a perfect shine.

Thinking Outside the Metal

We stock rubber and nylon hypoallergenic earring backs for you. Clear plastic stoppers fit snugly onto the back of French Hook (earwire) earrings.  As a result, they invisibly prevent the earring from falling out of your ear by accident.  If you’ve ever lost an earring while changing shirts and sweaters, you know what I mean!

Those Earring Backs Are S-o-o-o Naughty!

Earring backs are notorious for getting lost, and just at the wrong moment! Additionally, it’s often not convenient (or a good idea), to pop into just any store pick up some extra backs. Truly hypoallergenic ones are often not available!  Even if you find some, you can’t be sure if they are as hypoallergenic as you need. The packs of extra earring backs we carry give you assurance that they are the top quality product that you are looking for.  We kindly suggest that if you have purchased earrings for children, that you consider getting some extra earring backs right away.


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