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Artisan Hypoallergenic Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Each of these artisan earrings are hand crafted by talented local creators. Every part is carefully selected for its unique character as well as its allergy free qualities to make hypoallergenic earrings. Please read each description to know exactly how they are made. Each artist stands behind their work so the Sensitively Yours Lifetime Guarantee applies to them as well. These styles change frequently, so please check back often to see their latest work.

Our goal at Sensitively Yours is to provide you with unique, one-of-a-kind selections of allergy free earrings. The styles in this category will not be found anywhere else online. We individually select each artist and each piece of the artist’s work to be of the highest quality in beauty and hypoallergenic earring construction. Due to the handmade process of creating each one, quantities are limited, and we cannot guarantee that they will be in restocked forever.  So, if you adore a particular style, please consider getting it purchased rather sooner than later.


Often the choices of earrings for sensitive ears are so limited, much less those that are original designs and hand-crafted. Each of the allergy free styles displayed for the artists are made from various parts including surgical stainless steel, sterling silver, and stones of exquisite colors.


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