Many people have a skin sensitivity, or allergy, to metal alloys found in jewelry but they may not be aware of it until they experience symptoms such as red, itchy, swollen skin or ear lobes. In fact, sensitivity toward certain metals used in jewelry, such as nickel, is on the rise. As an answer to their sensitivity problem, people with skin sensitivity may mistakenly think that wearing hypo-allergenic jewelry will prevent their discomfort. However, hypo-allergenic simply means ‘less’ irritation materials, not irritation-free. As a result, people with a higher sensitivity may still experience discomfort when wearing the hypo-allergenic jewelry.

Although other jewelry items such as a necklace or ring may also contain nickel and produce an allergic reaction, this jewelry does not seem to generate the reaction as strongly as earrings. By its very nature, pierced ears tend to show the strongest sensitivity or allergic reaction in people with a nickel sensitivity due to the close proximity of the nickel to the skin. The allergy or sensitivity may start with a mild rash or redness and feel unusually tender or itchy while getting increasingly painful. Over time, the tissue of the ear becomes swollen and sore to the point of being unbearably painful.

To avoid contact with nickel or other irritating alloys, it’s not enough to use earrings with gold plating only on the earring post and other parts of the earring that touch skin. The entire earring needs to be plated with 24K gold or made of parts containing 304 surgical stainless steel. Bead and gem stone settings must also be plated with 24K gold or be nickel free. That’s why it’s so important to use Sensitively Yours ™ earrings.

Sensitively Yours ™ earrings are irritation-free throughout the entire earring. Built from a foundation of high quality surgical stainless steel, then plated in pure 24K gold, Sensitively Yours earrings are your best resource against an allergic reaction in pierced ears. They are designed to be light weight and easy on the earlobe, while at the same time possessing the style and fashion to complement all clothing accessories. The combined effect is that satisfied customers of Sensitively Yours ™ earrings enjoy the beauty and distinction of quality earrings with absolutely no allergic reaction or sensitivity. A multitude of designer styles are available that are affordable and perfect for any wardrobe.

Our earrings include styles in the 24K gold plating as well as the barrel polished surgical stainless steel to simulate a silver finish. We offer earrings with posts, click latches, and French hooks. Additionally, we offer two lines of birthstone posts. Each of the 12 birthstones are included in the Sensitively Yours ™ line-up in several gem sizes to meet your needs. To indicate your desired birth month, we use simulated stones for Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Alexandrite, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphires, Topaz, and Blue Zircon. Our additional earring styles include post or stud earrings, hoops, and wire hoops, and children’s earrings. We encourage you to browse our online catalog and try our earring lines. All of our earrings come with a lifetime guarantee. If at any time during the life of the earrings, you are not completely satisfied, you may return the earrings for a full refund or exchange by following our Return Policy. We also welcome your feedback or questions.

We truly hope this is the start to wearing earrings comfortably again.