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Other Hypoallergenic Products from Sensitively Yours

Other Hypoallergenic Products categories provide additional items to help in dealing with skin allergies due to earrings.  From cleaning cloths to earring backs, you can obtain those hard-to-find items that help you keep your hypoallergenic earrings and looking good and wearing well for a lifetime.

Hypoallergenic Parts for you!

Additionally, we also carry hypoallergenic earring parts for you to purchase and use in creating your own hypoallergenic earrings at home. We sell the French Hooks (a.k.a. earwires) as well as Ball Posts in both gold and surgical stainless steel.

Keeping it clean …

Another important aspect of dealing with delicate skin is the soap that you use. As you’ll see in the soap category, how soap is made is vitally important in how it leaves your skin after use. We carry a line of homemade soaps that include only natural ingredients so that you can clean your skin without having harsh chemicals or destructive residues doing damage to your skin cells.

Earring Parts and Backs

Silver Ball Post – J465s


Earring Parts and Backs

Gold Ball Post – J465


Earring Parts and Backs

Silver French Hook – J564s


Earring Parts and Backs

Gold French Hook – J564


Accessories and Cleaners

Jewelry Polishing Cloth – CA107


Accessories and Cleaners

No Tarnish Protector Strip – CA105



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