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Hypoallergenic Earrings by Christie Leighton Jewelry

A collection of hand-crafted hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears! Christie Leighton Jewelry is custom made in Fort Collins, Colorado. Christie crafts each hypoallergenic earring starting with either Sterling silver earwires, or surgical steel earwires, or posts. Her items are available in limited quantities.  So, if you see something you like, please take advantage of it right away.

Christie says …

Christie’s customers often ask her in person, “So, what do these go with?”  while looking at her styles.  They reveal that they’re under the impression that somehow the earrings always need to be “matchy”.  For example, that you can only wear purple earrings with a purple top.  However, Christie points out, “They go with anything, providing that “pop of color”.  As long as there is not an obvious clash, she’s absolutely right, they really do go with anything, giving the wearer a special splash of color that catches the eye and compliments the whole person.  Additionally, these styles are unique and have that expertly crafted, handmade look that has huge appeal.

Keep Coming Back to See More!

Christie, will change these style offerings from time to time to keep the choices fresh for you. Christie’s designs are classic and enduring, and she hopes they are earrings that her customers reach for every day!

Christie has a passion for making gorgeous, interesting styles in allergy free materials that never go out of style. As the seasons change, watch for new hypoallergenic earrings from Christie to go with the seasons, express new trends, or display other unique designs.

Each of Christie's styles has a careful attention to detail. And, each pair of her hypoallergenic earrings is carefully crafted, one at a time, and inspected for quality and function. They have to look right, hang gracefully from their wire or post, and be practical to wear everyday ... and no chance of an allergic skin allergy reaction.


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