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Hypoallergenic Hoop Earrings from Sensitively Yours

Our selection of hypoallergenic hoop earrings includes many hoop styles in both gold and silver in various sizes. These stainless steel and gold earrings for sensitive ears are fully hypoallergenic. Both the earring body and the backs are made from surgical stainless steel, and the gold styles are also plated in pure 24k gold. Please click on the pictures and see the gallery of photographs for the styles you are looking into purchasing.

That’s not all…

When you click on a photograph of hypoallergenic hoop earrings below, a detailed description and a larger image will be available.  Pay special attention to the sizes in the description. They will appear in both metric (mm) and standard (inches).

If you are not seeing the choices you are looking for on any product page, click on the links below the Product Description to see other designs and/or sizes.


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