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Allergy Free Earring Drops and French Wires

Our Allergy Free Earring Drops and French Wires category includes styles that come in both thin earwires and posts with dangles. A careful manufacturing process makes the parts for these stainless steel and gold earrings for sensitive ears.  As a result, their construction gives you the best in allergy free materials. For all the styles, the earring body and backs are manufactured from a base of surgical stainless steel.   Another process plates the gold designs in pure, 24k gold.  A separate process polishes the silver styles to a mirror-like shine.

Earwires – Another Cool Benefit!

Some customers struggle with the length of the posts in stud type earrings.  By no fault of their own, these people just have thick earlobes and a standard length post will not work.  In those cases, the earwires (French Hooks) work as a perfect solution.  The earwire accommodates many sizes of ears very comfortably.  (and, if earwires are not your taste, check out the larger hoops!)

What You Will Find

Here you will find a variety of styles from across the shop. Click on any style of hypoallergenic French Wire & Dangle earrings for a detailed description and a larger image.  For any artisan make items, pay close attention to their descriptions of how they are made.


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