If your store, website, or company is interested in carrying Sensitively Yours® products, we have a solution for you.  Beauty shops, gift stores, and other store-front retailers are welcome to inquire about acquiring a display to add to your counters to enhance your offerings and increase your bottom line. We have several different display types to choose from to help compliment your stores themes. Online Business Retailers wanting to distribute these same earrings under their own label or other arrangements are invited to contact us directly.

For any of these interests, please contact Mark Bingaman, President, for further details. Please e-mail:


For Retail Sellers: Why Sensitively Yours™ for all your earrings…

Approximately 50% of people with pierced ears are sensitive to the metal nickel used in jewelry today. To protect their sensitive ears, consumers often purchase expensive jewelry made from 10K, 12K or 14K gold.  The consumer may still be forced to set aside the more expensive jewelry after only a short while because continual use can wear off gold that coats the irritating metal too thinly.

Even hypoallergenic posts irritate sensitive ears.  Most of these posts are made from common stainless steel — not surgical steel. Common stainless steel can release minute amounts of nickel to irritate sensitive ears. In surgical steel, the nickel is so tightly bonded that it cannot be released to irritate sensitive ears.

Expensive 12K and 14K posts are still a problem. 14K gold is 58% gold and 42% alloys — alloys that can irritate sensitive ears.  Pure 24K gold and surgical steel are some of the most irritant-free metals available, affordable and suitable for jewelry.  Most jewelry manufacturers use 3 to 5 mil gold overlay on surgical steel.  Sensitively Yours™ uses 10 mil gold overlay on every surgical steel post.

Gold is expensive, of course. And the tools used to stamp out and form the hard surgical steel into beautiful jewelry are expensive, too. Spreading the cost of materials and tooling over a large quantity of earrings means the customers get beautiful, quality jewelry at inexpensive prices.  Sensitively Yours ™ earrings are made from some of the most irritant-free metals available. And their attractive styles are competitively priced.  The popular styles on the Sensitively Yours™ display keep your sales flowing.

The Sensitively Yours™ selection of gold posts, silver-look, pearl studs, Austrian crystal in birthstone colors, dangle and hoop earrings, along with other popular shapes are a classic-style look everyone wants. Sensitively Yours™ also has “fashion earrings”, thus giving you styles which will sell steadily, year in and year out, so you can meet the ongoing needs of all your customers. Many of these styles are also ideal for children and those who prefer multiple earrings in an ear.

If your customers are not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Earrings may be returned at any time for a replacement or a full refund, hence our “lifetime guarantee against sensitivity”.

Getting Started with Sensitively Yours™

When you order your Sensitively Yours fully-loaded display, it will be shipped to you completely assembled.  To offset the cost of the display, an equal amount of retail-priced earrings will be included with your order.  Thus, not only do you totally recoup the cost of the display, you also start with reserve inventory, ready to put on the hooks to keep the display fully ready for more sales.

Sensitively Yours™ offers solid profit potential with minimum risk

You may return the display and products within 90 days for a full refund. After 90 days, a 10% restocking fee will apply. The Guarantee is good for one year from date of purchase.

Note: the invoice must be paid within term to validate the guarantee. Products must be clean, free of store stickers, and ready to restock before returns.

We reserve the right to substitute similar items for any which are out-of-stock when you reorder. Reorder sheets list all styles currently in the catalog and notes those which have been discontinued. Reorders on discontinued styles will be filled until our supply is exhausted. These reorder sheets may be emailed Sensitively Yours customer service. Every attempt will be made to ship reorders within 48 hours on business days.  If we must go beyond 48 hours, you will receive communication from us about the delay and an estimated revised shipment date.

Stock balancing is available after six months (allows trade of non-sellers for comparably priced best sellers or new items). Our lists of best sellers are continually updated.

Freight charges will be added to your invoice. The minimum freight charge for reorders is $15.00 and is dependent upon the weight and shipper.

The payment term is net 30 days. Invoices will be sent immediately when items are shipped. Again, please note that the guaranteed sale feature is activated when payment is made within the term limit.