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Hypoallergenic Silver Earrings

Each one of these hypoallergenic silver earrings is made of surgical stainless steel.  A careful process then polishes them to a shiny silver luster.  The only exceptions are the handmade ones. And, these only contain the actual metal silver if stated in the description as “Sterling Silver”.

Why Surgical Stainless Steel Earrings?

Polished stainless steel never corrodes like silver does – a wonderful quality!  These days, people want a silver look for a lot of their jewelry. It’s very popular and highly in demand. Whether it’s a crystal, a cubic zirconia, a pearl earring, hoop, drop, or any of the children’s earrings, silver is “in”.  For polished stainless steel earrings or sterling silver earrings, you will find a variety of hypoallergenic styles to choose from here.

Keep this in mind …

Surgeons use surgical stainless steel for operations, so it makes sense that for pierced ears, the same metal works perfectly to prevent reactions.  Add to that the beauty of polished silver, and you have a winning earring style.

Click on a style of hypoallergenic silver earrings for a detailed description and a larger image.


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