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Earring Accessories and Cleaners

Along with the best earrings for sensitive ears, we are pleased to offer hypoallergenic earring accessories and cleaners. We found these hypoallergenic earring accessories and cleaners provide essential help.  Keeping earring bodies, posts, and backs clean greatly aids earring wearers when irritation is a problem.

More On Those Cool Cloths

The cleaning cloths are double-sided, able to not only clean but also polish your jewelry. Not just for hypoallergenic products, these cleaning cloths work to clean and polish any jewelry.  They also help clean other delicate items in your house that require special attention to make them shine.

Keeping The Silver Shine

Tarnishing is a frustrating issue when dealing with sterling silver in some environments. Our tarnishing strips work perfectly to stop the formation of tarnish on your silver items. They’re especially good with jewelry because of the many curves and notches in intricate jewelry shapes. However, the strips also work to protect antique silver items in your household.

And, Protecting You

Lastly, we carry several types of plastic add-on protection.  These protectors insert a virtually invisible shield between the earring metals and your skin. Each one uses a different configuration to match your needs.  Again, these aids strive to help you avoid some or all direct contact with your sensitive ears.


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