Are Your Hypoallergenic Earrings Made in America? (Yes! See Why …)

hypoallergenic earrings made in America

Truly Hypoallergenic Earrings and Made in America?

While the answer is definitely yes, it is important that we state “hypoallergenic earrings made in America”, we’d like to take a little time to explain why this is important. Our products, some of which are provided by our self-employed jewelry artists, support the national economy. They help propel the small business’s they work with to sustain their own, local economy, as well. Without these smaller markets, the national economy falters, and those same artists would find themselves out of work.

But when a thriving business, starting at a local level, moves towards the major markets, something great happens. Then, innovation, quality, and sustainability all help to transform the playing field through competition. And one advantage that vendors who can stamp “Made in the USA” on their products have over their competitors is the strength behind that brand. It’s a lot more than just being patriotic when you shop American vendors. It isn’t just our contribution to the economy or support for local artists that motivates us to purchase products made in the United States. Those things are good reasons, yes. But in the end they won’t convince you to purchase them.

Hypoallergenic Earrings Made in America

So, let me share a few more.

At Sensitively Yours, our artisans produce one of a kind, hypoallergenic earrings made in America. They are thoughtfully crafted with the sole purpose of delighting our customers. Our base of operations is located in the US, our vendors live and work in our communities, and their products are American made. The bottom line is, we provide jobs, and we sustain factories that also provide jobs. Even down to our Internet service, all our profits start and remain here in the US. Broken down this way, when you buy from us, you support your country. If we do it right, we could even be training and growing young minds to take over when we retire, providing jobs for future generations. And there’s more.

Self- reliance (I think you would agree) is an American ideal. We don’t hold the patent on it, but historically Americans have been self- starters. With that in mind, our pride stumbles when asked to rely upon another country to import goods that we ourselves are quite capable of producing here. Realizing that some materials require importation, many more things manufactured in our country exist at about the same cost. Like our earrings. They’re a good place to start in a conversation like this. Local artisans, local product, local economy; cost effective, patriotic, and quality guaranteed.

How about going green while also being “hypoallergenic earrings made in America”?

Web-based industries generally produce less waste and the same holds true for American made products. The United States stands at the forefront of green technologies, so brands made here get held to a higher standard than those made overseas. Another good reason to purchase in America is the fact that regulations exist designed to promote a healthy environment. Things such as a minimum wage and workplace safety can be controlled at home but not overseas. No sweatshops exist in America, and employees receive a fair wage to start with.

So, what does all this have to do with earrings?

Quality is everything when it comes to hypoallergenic jewelry. Be assured when purchasing that your hard earned money becomes invested in a product that will last.  It is a product superior than others from the materials involved to the craftsmanship and finish. The term “Made in America” has always meant that quality is the essential ingredient in a well-made product.

Our commitment to this principle is so strong that we can offer a money back guarantee to every piece in our collection. We couldn’t say this if our confidence in our offerings wasn’t rock steady. So, take a look, and see for yourself what Sensitively Yours has to offer — hypoallergenic earrings made in America at affordable prices… guaranteed.


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