Things to Know About Surgical Stainless Steel Earrings [Brief]

Surgical Stainless Steel Earrings – Here’s the deal:

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There are many women all over the world that have pierced ears who are also suffering from a reaction to their earrings. Surgical stainless steel earrings are a very popular solution for women that have this issue. Here is some facts that people should be aware of regarding this type of jewelry material.

First, let’s briefly discuss what happens with typical materials used in earrings causing an allergic reaction. A reaction to the metal in an earring can take many forms. Often, it starts out as a tingling in the ear lobes. Over time, this sensation can progress into a burning and itching sensation. The skin tissue around the earring becomes red and inflamed. It’s almost as if the skin is trying to pull away from the metal. Sometimes, the reaction leads to infection as opportunistic germs get into the affected area. Even if the irritation does not get extreme, they are many earring wearers who “can’t wait to take them out!”, especially at the end of the day.

The problem is due to an allergic response to the metal used in the earring that the woman has been wearing. Nickel is a very common allergy for women to have (estimates range between 30 to 40 % in the US alone!).  Surgical stainless steel earrings can be an affordable option for women that are in this situation. Sadly, many other types of earrings use Nickel in their construction in a way that easily irritates the earring wearer.

Why It Works

One of the benefits that people enjoy with surgical stainless steel as an earring material is that they are made specifically for ears that are sensitive. This is accomplished by using the same grade of stainless steel that doctors use in surgery. The people that make these items know that they are being worn in close contact with a person’s body and have ensured that they have been manufactured very carefully in order to prevent the wearer from having any issues.

Finding these earrings can be a problem for some people as they are not always readily available in retail stores in the area that they live. The places that offer piercing services is a place to start. However, keep in mind that stores like this may not have a large selection for a person to choose from, so it may be a difficult task to find the particular style you are looking for.

Where To Find Them

Shopping online at Sensitively Yours is another way that people can find earrings made of this material. Take a few minutes to page through our online catalog of the styles we have to offer. Looking through some of these can help you find that particular style that you have been hoping to find.

You can also discover what other options there may be when it comes to locating surgical stainless steel earrings. Social media and forums are a great way for people to share insight with one another and find a lot of helpful ideas. Sensitively Yours hosts a Facebook page where conversations about the issues are found along with the true testimonials of customers. It also is a favorite place to find discount codes that apply to buying surgical stainless steel earrings at Sensitively Yours.


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