Benefits of Buying Stainless Steel Earring Sets [Solid Advice]

Earrings for Sensitive Ears | Surgical Stainless Steel 7mm Cubic Zirconia Princess Cut Earrings

earrings for sensitive ears | 6x6mm Square Cubic Zirconia Silver EarringsStainless Steel Earrings?  Here’s the Deal

The stainless steel earring is fast becoming a fashionable choice because of its beautiful silver finish and versatility in design. The strong metal produces a striking luster that is durable and will not tarnish with regular use. Stainless steel earring sets are available in a variety of classic and modern styles.  This means effective surgical grades for metal allergy sufferers.

The use of surgical stainless steel in the design of jewelry offers a hypoallergenic metal that includes a natural resistance to scratches and is easy to clean. Earrings made from this material produce a beautiful finish when barrel polished. It is long lasting and serves as one of the most valuable options for those interested in quality hypoallergenic jewelry.

But Wait, There’s More …

Additionally, when used as a base material, plating surgical stainless steel with 24 karat gold creates a double layer protection against irritation and allergic reaction. On its own, it is especially resistant to the formation of corrosion or any discoloration. Although it does contain small amounts of nickel, the nickel is tightly bound on a molecular level.  That means that it is extremely unlikely to cause irritation.

For people with a severe metal sensitivity, it is a combination of alloys, usually containing significant amounts of nickel, which is responsible for contact dermatitis.  The shopper can avoid this condition with the choice of hypoallergenic styles. However, people can develop skin allergies, even later in life, that even include pure gold. That’s why it’s also important to make sure that the manufacturer backs their products with a guarantee against reaction. If their earrings don’t work for you, get a full refund.  It’s that simple.

The Last Word

In summary, stainless steel earring sets are naturally resistant to tarnish and can easily be kept clean. It is one of the most durable metals that has a hypoallergenic kind suited to individuals with a metal sensitivity. Styles include a broad range of designs that offer value, high quality, and long lasting results that include a smooth surface with a seamless finish. At Sensitively Yours, we offer exactly those types of earrings and jewelry. We also back all of our products with a lifetime guarantee against reaction.


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