Why Wear Surgical Steel Post Earrings?

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Do you have problems with pierced ear jewelry? Maybe it makes your ears turn red, itch, feel hot, or cause you to develop infections. The problem may not be in the earring set but in the materials they are made from.

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Nickel is one of the most common forms of metal allergies today, affecting a large percentage of our population to some degree or another. Unfortunately, many types of ear jewelry contain small amounts of nickel. In fact, even conventional stainless steel has a nickel alloy to help make it resist corrosion and rust.

But there’s a difference

Surgical stainless steel is chosen for its safety in medical procedures, and it does contain a small amount of nickel. However, its low carbon content creates a bond with the nickel so tight that it is not released to the skin. Therefore, most people with nickel allergies are unaffected. Only in extreme cases does it bother the wearer.

Do you want ear jewelry that is easy to care for?   Surgical steel post earrings are made to resist rust and discoloration. Polished to a high luster, they exhibit a silver-like luster and resist scratches. This makes surgical steel one of the most durable jewelry metals that you can buy. Your jewelry should last a long time and only require occasional wiping or cleaning.

Maybe you are thinking about getting your ears pierced. You’ll need to take special care of the piercings, and it may be a good idea to choose a starter earring set made from surgical steel, even if you are not sensitive to jewelry metals. This will insure that everything heals well.  Here’s what the skin doctors have to say in this article “Caring for Pierced Ears“.

Irritation means you should choose ear jewelry that is hypoallergenic in nature. But, there’s no reason to choose plastic, when metal is available. In fact, most people with sensitivity to metals can wear surgical steel post earrings without any problem.

And an answer

Price is another important consideration when stud earring shopping. It can be very expensive to purchase gold, silver, platinum, or titanium. Surgical steel post earrings are very affordable. For proof, along with a wide variety of styles and other options, please check out our online catalog at Sensitively Yours.  For starters, see our Shop page, and it will show you some of our top products.


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