Finding Hypoallergenic Earrings for Kids

Studex Gold Plated Butterfly Light Siam Earrings
Studex Gold Plated Butterfly Light Siam Earrings

Having allergies to metals as an adult is bad enough. Having your kids or grand kids get reactions to the earrings you bought for them is really tough.  However, finding hypoallergenic earrings for kids should not be tough.  The way around the problem takes careful selection of the jewelry materials to prevent the development of any irritation. Hypoallergenic earrings for kids can be purchased according to the kinds of metals used if you know what to look for. That approach will help many shoppers in choosing sets that are most comfortable and compatible for children. The following tips can help you select the earrings that can minimize an allergic reaction.

Many ordinary kinds of jewelry often consist of metal alloys that contain nickel. It’s not obvious and not on the label. When worn as earrings, the nickel can cause a severe allergic reaction including contact dermatitis, which results in inflammation of the skin, redness, and pain. Once the item is removed, the symptoms tend to diminish, but in general the piece cannot be worn again within a period of 24 hours because it leads to a more extensive aggravation of the skin.

For children suffering from such sensitivity, there are options available to prevent against the development of such discomfort when wearing jewelry. Modern manufacturers offer hypoallergenic earrings and other types of jewelry that include various colors, designs, and gemstones. The key is to choose hypoallergenic items that use surgical stainless steel to greatly reduce the risk of reactions. Additionally, a gold earring set should consist of 24 karat gold to avoid any amount of nickel that may be included in less pure designs. Surgical stainless steel has been recognized as a metal that is naturally hypoallergenic and, when barrel polished, produces a striking light silver coloration perfect for young ones. Pure gold plating not only gives the piece the beauty and luster of 24k gold, but also provides an extra layer of protection.

When shopping for jewelry for children, look for labels that state they are hypoallergenic and made of surgical stainless steel and 24k gold. Such styles can protect against severe inflammation and symptoms associated with an allergic reaction without having to miss out on the modern appeal that many new styles can provide. At Sensitively Yours, all of our styles are based on hypoallergenic parts. Every pair of children’s earrings starts with a base of surgical stainless steel and then is polished or plated in 24k gold. Additionally, we carry a range of cute styles for kids, and, (here’s the best part!) we stand by our Lifetime Guarantee Against Reactions. Hypoallergenic Earrings for Kids – come see our popular styles at Sensitively Yours.


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