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I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s really hard to look your best when you can’t even wear earrings anymore. Or, just as bad, my children or grandchildren can’t wear them even though I would love to give them as a gift.

Well, it turns out, anyone can wear earrings again and not have the itch and swelling by switching to earrings for sensitive ears.

At this online store, we are going to show you what that product is… and exactly how to get them yourself.

What are allergy free or hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears?

These earrings are made from Surgical Stainless Steel, a top material in preventing an allergic reaction. The gold styles are plated thick in pure gold. So, there is no available nickel in either the silver or gold styles to irritate skin. Even our custom earrings are fully hypoallergenic and list the parts so you know they are safe.

Stopping the itch and swelling

Most items marked “hypoallergenic” are not effective. You’ve tried the stuff from the stores, and it still gives you a reaction. To stop the allergenic response you need to use earrings that are made of the same materials that doctors use in medical devices. They can’t afford a reaction and neither can you.

Wear earrings again with confidence

Many of our customers that could not wear earrings for decades (yes, decades!), can wear our earrings all day long without a problem. They don’t have to worry about how they look or can’t wait to get home to take them out. Plus, we offer a lifetime guarantee against reactions. So, that if you get hyper sensitive to virtually all metals (rare, but it happens), you can get your entire order refunded upon return. Is that great or what?! Come, let’s shop.

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