If you have sensitive skin or a skin allergy, you are not alone! Almost 50% of the population with pierced ears have a sensitivity to the nickel metal used in jewelry today. As a result of their skin sensitivity or skin allergy, sometimes referred to as allergic contact dermatitis, consumers often purchase expensive jewelry made from 10K, 12K, 14K, or 18K gold. However, even the expensive earrings use nickel alloys in their gold.

What about hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears?

Surprisingly, hypoallergenic earrings can irritate sensitive ears. Most of these hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears are made from stainless steel - not "surgical" steel. Stainless steel in the hypoallergenic earrings can release minute amounts of nickel from the steel to irritate sensitive ears or trigger a skin allergy reaction. Even expensive 12K and 14K posts are still a problem for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Jewelry labeled 14K gold is 58% gold and 42% alloys - alloys, including nickel, that can irritate sensitive ears. Therefore, you want to narrow your search to surgical steel earrings, the only kind sold here.

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Surgical Steel Earrings

Surgical Steel Earrings – The Solution to the Allergic Reactions

For those with sensitive skin or allergies, it might seem like the only option for earrings are to spend a lot of money on real silver, gold, or platinum. Fortunately, there is another, more affordable option: surgical steel earrings. Surgical steel earrings are extremely hypo-allergenic and won’t cause painful or uncomfortable reactions on your skin. They can be left in comfortably for days without fear of skin irritation or rash commonly caused by low-cost earrings.

Not only that, but this type of jewelry is great because they do not tarnish, never change color, will not stain your skin, and require no maintenance to stay looking new. They completely resist rust and corrosion and are even the preferred choice for surgical tools, granting them the name, “surgical steel”. By being the top choice for doctors, it just shows that this metal is truly durable and safe for exposing to your delicate skin.

Although it may sound like something so technical and medical could not possibly look attractive, these posts look just like white gold or platinum. They are available in a large range of appealing colors and styles and no one will be able to tell that they are so affordable and low maintenance; observers will just notice the shine and glimmer of your beautiful earrings. These kind of earrings are available in all of the latest styles that gold earrings can be found in.

They are available to suit every taste. Surgical steel earrings are available with colorful stones, pearls, and diamonds, and as simple posts, hoops, and dangly earrings – just like any other metal.

Some people have skin so sensitive and prone to allergies that even pure gold can cause a severe reaction. These people commonly experience itching, swelling, and redness around their earring site and might even be affected by crusting, bleeding, and painful burning sensations.

Creams and ointments do not help control these allergic reactions and neither does shortening the amount of time of wearing earrings. Women usually love to put on fancy jewelry for the pleasant way it makes them feel and the charm it adds to their look, so if it is causing them irritation instead, it will not seem worth the time and hassle.

Even just a few hours with non-hypoallergenic earrings in sensitive ears could be enough to spark an extreme reaction. The best solution, especially for those trying out earrings for the first time, is to stick with the smart, safe choice, and choose surgical steel earrings.

Come visit the Sensitively Yours web site where we can show you a wide variety of styles that use surgical stainless steel and 24k gold plate.   All of our products come with a lifetime money back guarantee. If you are shopping for surgical steel earrings, we’ve got you covered!

hypoallergenic stud earrings

Why Use Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings

Hypoallergenic stud earrings have made wearing earrings possible again for people who otherwise may not have been able to wear earrings at all. These types of earrings are used most often immediately following a piercing, though those who simply prefer stud earrings to other types of earrings also wear them. Most importantly, if irritation arises, hypoallergenic stud earrings are a must.

There are several types of basic earring stud styles. The first type people usually think of are the appealing shape or gemstone on a post. Then there are dangling stud earrings. A stud, sometimes called a ball post, holds these earrings in place, but the main body of the style hangs down from that point. They simply have something attached to the stud that dangles off of the ear.

There are also French hook earrings. These earrings, unlike other types of earrings, have no back to put on them most of the time. The portion of the earring that comes out the back of the ear is longer and curved to keep the earring from coming out. These earrings generally have something dangling from them as well and also come in hypoallergenic materials.

Hoop earrings are another popular choice, though they may have a kind of stud on them. The post slips through the hole in the ear and is clasped by the other side of the earring. Usually, the post slides in the top of a slit or a hole in the other side of the earring.

Regardless of what style of earring a person decides to use, those who have freshly pierced ears may want to use the ones that cause the least irritation. This is a good idea if the wearer suspects he or she has an allergy to certain types of metal. A person need not try other types of earrings to see if they are allergic to them. Instead, they can pay attention when they are wearing watches and rings to see what irritates their skin as the metal comes in close contact with the skin.

Those who have allergies to different types of metals will probably do well with hypoallergenic stud earrings based on surgical stainless steel. These earrings are made with a special combination of materials to protect the wearer from having an allergic reaction associated with metal. Allergic reactions can be itchy rashes or swelling that can become very uncomfortable.

Sensitively Yours is known for its selection in hypoallergenic stud earrings. The styles found here are made from surgical stainless steel, either plated in 24k gold or polished to a silver finish. As testimonials from our customers can tell you, these products work. Many tell us that they can finally wear earrings again. On top of that, we always offer our lifetime money back guarantee.

stainless steel stud earrings

Stainless Steel Stud Earrings Buying Guide

Studs have remained among the most popular and versatile in earring designs, offering a smart sophistication and casual appeal for any occasion. The dainty styles are suitable for children while larger gems produce a glamorous appeal and have been recognized as a classic fashion statement. For those affected by a metal sensitivity, it is best to choose hypoallergenic stainless steel stud earrings.

A pair of simple studs can be truly valuable in a collection of jewelry. These pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be fitted with different gemstones including diamond-like crystal. If you suffer from allergies, stainless steel or sets labeled as hypoallergenic can minimize irritation and severe reactions while you wear them.

Many people who suffer from a sensitivity towards nickel and nickel alloys are able to wear surgical stainless steel stud earrings. These styles are recommended for those who do not wish to suffer from traditional metal jewelry pieces. Typical symptoms include itching, burning, and redness. Usually, the wearer “can’t wait” to take them out and get some relief.

Avoid cosmetic jewelry studs that may consist of lower grade materials and lead to symptoms in individuals suffering from metal allergies. Hypoallergenic earrings that include a high amount of a specific element or metal will be purer in comparison to its cheaper counterparts. Stainless steel stud earrings can be sterilized more readily and are easier to keep clean.

The modern designs include bright bold crystal studs or in various oval, square, heart, and triangular shapes. Stainless steel stud earrings can be worn on a daily basis and are less subject to discoloration and the degradation that are commonly seen in other types of metals. Purchasing such items should be based on the value that it can provide to your collection as well as your skin sensitivity.

Hypoallergenic stainless steel stud earrings are largely available for individuals limited by metal allergies. At Sensitively Yours, we feature a wide variety of styles that use surgical grade stainless steel and 24k gold plate.   Every one of our styles are backed up with a lifetime money back guarantee. We have helped many people in the past in finding a solution for their sensitivity. If you are in the market for stainless steel stud earrings, please visit our website and select some that fit your style.

girls earrings for sensitive ears

Do You Need Girls Earrings For Sensitive Ears?

Perhaps your daughter or granddaughter is thinking about getting her ears pierced. This is very popular at all ages now, but some girls have problems with piercings. Plus, these problems can be compounded if she has an allergic reaction to metal. Here are some ways to tell if she is allergic and if she needs girls earrings for sensitive ears.

Many people will experience redness or itching at the site of the piercings. If the child is small and cannot talk, she may pull at one of her ears or rub it frequently. Some children may complain about a burning sensation on the ear lobes. The problem seems to go away relatively quickly when the earrings are removed.

In some cases, a skin rash may develop and it could be followed by swelling. In fact, blisters may form and then scale over. Also, the skin rash may begin to spread. Please do not take these symptoms lightly.

If you notice these reactions, the child may have an allergy to nickel. Remove the earrings and use a mild hydro-cortisone cream to help alleviate itching. If there is fever, puss, or sign of an infection, you should take the child to a doctor for treatment as soon as possible. Consider seeing a dermatologist to determine the exact nature of the allergy.

The best way to avoid this problem is to use hypoallergenic jewelry. In fact, it is recommended to use hypoallergenic materials for starter earring sets. This will make the process of healing a little easier, and you may be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary complications. There is no better time to start using hypoallergenic earrings than when the ears are first pierced.

You can find some excellent hypoallergenic earring sets for girls when you shop with an online jewelry provider. Because most irritations are caused by nickel, choose jewelry that is rated as hypoallergenic and tells you up front what metals are used. Consider materials like surgical grade stainless steel. It is excellent for people that have metal allergies and very easy to care for. Earrings plated in 24k gold are also excellent for avoiding reactions.

At Sensitively Yours, we feature a wide variety of styles that use surgical grade stainless steel and 24k gold plate. We even have a special children’s section for styles that appeal to the kids crowd. All of our products are backed up with a lifetime money back guarantee. We have been able to help many people over the past many years find a solution that works. So, if you are looking for girls earrings for sensitive ears, please browse our site and see for yourself.

Hypoallergenic Earring Backs

The Importance Of Hypoallergenic Earring Backs

If you lost a back to one of your stud earrings, don’t worry, you can replace the back parts easily. However, if you are sensitive to some kinds of jewelry metals, you could have problems. That is why you should choose a material that is made for sensitive ears like hypoallergenic earring backs. Here is some helpful information on choosing the best kinds of materials.

When you order just the backs for earrings, always check to see what material they are made from. Many people cannot wear anything that contains a significant amount of nickel. The same is true when ordering earrings. Some earrings made with precious metals may have posts made with a nickel alloy, and this can cause irritation problems.

If you buy white gold earring back parts you may experience problems as well. Many kinds of white gold today contain nickel. However, white gold with palladium does not have nickel. To be sure, always check to see if the earrings are labeled “nickel allergy free” and that you buy them from a trusted jewelry source.

Yellow gold may be safe to wear, but you should always make sure it is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Titanium is a good selection. However, due to the cost of this metal, it could be beyond many budgets these days. Lower cost alternatives are out there, so let’s name a few of the best.

Some great options include hypoallergenic earring backs made out of nylon or rubber. They are both inexpensive and comfortable. If you are the kind of person who loses backs frequently, having a supply of these on hand helps a lot. In addition, another inexpensive choice is surgical grade stainless steel. Not only is it affordable, it is very durable and easy to take care of. You can get them in polished surgical stainless steel or plated with 24k gold to match most of your earrings.

When you shop for hypoallergenic earring backs, carefully check out the best available options online. Sometimes you can save a great deal of money this way. Plus, it is one of the most convenient and safest ways you can shop, and there is no need to leave the house. At Sensitively Yours, you will find a great selection of earring accessories, including hypoallergenic earring backs made from surgical stainless steel, surgical stainless steel plated in 24k gold, clear nylon, and soft rubber.