I am so happy that I found this website.

  My twin daughters had repeated infections after piercing their ears couple of times with 14k since they were 4yrs old. Now they are 8 yrs old. About a yr ago someone in Walmart recommended titanium. Got pierced again took proper care cleaning daily and finally infections stopped for both of them. For one of […]

Home Remedy for My Sensitive Ears

For years, I’ve tried every kind of home remedy for my sensitive ears and also tried all different types of earrings… gold, silver, steel – you name it!  EVERYTHING always made my ears erupt in swelling and allergy symptoms, so it was with great trepidation that I ordered three pairs from Sensitively Yours.  Amazingly, I […]

Never had good earrings like this before

  They work great. They don’t irritate or anything. Everything is exactly like they were when you gave them to me. I have honestly never had good earrings like this before. I forgot they were on cause they don’t irritate at all. Mariah M, 16, Colorado October 2, 2011


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