I am so happy that I found this website.


My twin daughters had repeated infections after piercing their ears couple of times with 14k since they were 4yrs old. Now they are 8 yrs old. About a yr ago someone in Walmart recommended titanium. Got pierced again took proper care cleaning daily and finally infections stopped for both of them. For one of them even a 24k pure gold earrings (very expensive) ear infections came back and had to switch it back to the old titanium.

Finally I ordered couple of  earrings from your website on Oct 13th 2014. From the time I ordered my girls were literally counting days and hours and can’t wait to try your earrings. It’s been more than 10 days now and no sign of irritation or infection. They are simply superb, cute, and very reasonable and affordable. I just can’t say how happy my twins are wearing a variety of earrings. I will be ordering more from your website soon. Definitely I will be spreading the good news to many.

Thank you very much,

A mother from Massachusetts 2014.

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