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Made in America

Are Your Products Made in America?

While the answer is yes, our products are made in America, we’d like to take a little time to explain why this is and of its benefit to you, our customer. Our products, some of which are provided by our self -employed jewelry artists, support the national economy and help propel the small business’s they work with to sustain their own, local economy, as well. Without these smaller markets, the national economy would be crippled, and those same artists would find themselves out of work. But when a thriving business, starting at a local level, moves towards the major markets, that innovation, quality, and sustainability all help

Made in America

Made in the USA

to transform the playing field through competition. And one advantage that vendors who can stamp “Made in the USA” on their products have over their competitors is the strength behind that brand.

It’s a lot more than just being patriotic when you shop American vendors. It isn’t just our contribution to the economy or support for local artists that motivates us to purchase products made in the United States. Those things are good reasons, yes. But in the end they won’t convince you to purchase them.

So, let me share a few more.

At Sensitively Yours, we employ artisans to produce one of a kind jewelry crafted with the sole purpose of delighting our customers. Our base of operations is located in the US, our vendors live and work in our communities, and their products are American made. The bottom line is, we provide jobs, and we sustain factories that also provide jobs. Even down to our Internet service, all our profits are made and spent here in the US. Broken down this way, when you buy from us, you support your country. If we do it right, we could even be training and growing young minds to take over when we retire, providing jobs for future generations. And there’s more.
Self- reliance (I think you would agree) is an American ideal. We don’t hold the patent on it, but historically Americans have been self- starters. With that in mind, there’s an issue of pride at stake when we’re asked to rely upon another country to import goods that we ourselves are quite capable of producing here. Realizing there are materials that must be imported, with a little push, many more things could be manufactured in our country at about the same cost.

Like our earrings. They’re a good place to start in a conversation like this. Local artisans, local product, local economy; cost effective, patriotic, and quality guaranteed.

How about going green?

Web-based industries generally produce less waste and the same holds true for American made products. The United States has been at the forefront of green technologies, so brands made here are held to a higher standard than those made overseas. Another good reason to purchase in America is the fact that regulations exist designed to promote a healthy environment. Things such as a minimum wage and workplace safety can be controlled at home but not overseas. There are no sweatshops in America and employees are guaranteed a fair wage to start with.

So, what does all this have to do with earrings?

Quality is everything when it comes to hypoallergenic jewelry. You should be assured when purchasing (especially online) that your hard earned money is invested in a product that will last, a product superior than others from the materials involved to the craftsmanship and finish. The term “Made in America” has always meant that quality is the essential ingredient in a well-made product.

Our commitment to this principle is so strong that we can offer a money back guarantee to every piece in our collection. We couldn’t say this if our confidence in our offerings wasn’t rock steady. So, take a look, and see for yourself what Sensitively Yours has to offer — quality earrings at affordable prices… guaranteed.

Buy Allergy-Free Earrings like these at Sensitively Yours

Where to Buy Allergy-Free Earrings ?

If you are one of the many people who suffer from an allergic reaction to earrings, you can’t simply shop just anywhere for jewelry.  You have to know where to buy allergy-free earrings at a reasonable cost. Nickel, which tends to cause allergic reactions in many cases, is one of the most commonly used metals in jewelry making because of its durability and low cost. Less expensive jewelry often contains a substantial amount of nickel, but even luxury items are often not nickel-free.

The concern over the use of nickel in jewelry has led the EU to impose certain restrictions on the use of nickel. The awareness of jewelry allergies has also led to the development of specialty shops and websites that cater to the needs of customers who need hypoallergenic jewelry.


Looking for the Genuine Article

Along with more demand for jewelry that does not irritate the skin is the prevalence of the terms “hypoallergenic” and “nickel-free” in marketing. It is important to be alert when you hope to buy allergy-free earrings and to determine what is genuine. It is also useful to be aware of what kinds of jewelry are the most prone to cause an allergic reaction and which metals are relatively kind to sensitive skin. 


Always be Alert

Often people associate cheaper jewelry with the tendency to create allergic reactions. Items available for a few dollars at big box retailers are likely to contain a large proportion of nickel, since nickel is a low-cost base metal.

Aside from stainless steel, many metals used for hypoallergenic earrings tend to be precious metals, such as gold, platinum and titanium, although gold often contains certain amounts of nickel.

A person who has a jewelry allergy may want to avoid purchasing ultra-cheap jewelry because of the likelihood that it contains nickel, especially if it is from a brand or a store that lacks a solid guarantee on the items. People who are allergic to jewelry should also avoid picking up items at second hand stores, because older jewelry is also likely to cause irritation.


Where to Buy Allergy-Free Earrings?   Look for the Specialists

Buy Allergy-Free Earrings like these at Sensitively Yours

Stainless Steel 4.5MM Fireball Light Rose Earrings

Stores that specialize in quality jewelry and shops and websites that are focused specifically on hypoallergenic product are good places to look for nickel-free earrings since they obviously know what they are doing.

It is useful to keep in mind that hypoallergenic metals like stainless steel might not be nickel-free in the strictest sense, but may contain forms of nickel that, on a molecular level, are so “closed” that they are not detected as nickel and do not aggravate symptoms among those who are allergic to nickel. To prove this point, many jewelry sellers show that all of their stainless steel items pass an available nickel chemical test that does not detect any nickel in the jewelry.

S744STX Gold Plated 3mm Cubic Zirconia Pink

Which Earrings for Sensitive Ears?

S744STX Gold Plated 3mm Cubic Zirconia Pink

S744STX Gold Plated 3mm Cubic Zirconia Pink

Many people love to give or receive a beautiful pair of earrings, but the gift may be less than welcome if it causes allergic symptoms.  So the question is: which earrings for sensitive ears? Unfortunately, allergic reaction to earrings is not uncommon, and led the EU to impose a ban on selling nickel jewelry in 2000. The reason for this regulation is that nickel tends to be identified as the cause of many earring allergies. It also happens to be a popular alloy used in many metal blends involved in the production of jewelry.

The metal’s durability, long-life and low costs are reasons jewelry makers like to use alloys that include nickel for the base metal. While this might result in a durable, inexpensive set of earrings for many people, those allergic to nickel cannot wear such earrings comfortably.


Hope for Metal Allergy Sufferers

People who are allergic to nickel may suffer after putting on any form of nickel jewelry, but particularly pierced earrings, since the posts or wires penetrate the skin of the ear. An allergic reaction develops when part of the nickel dissolves into small crystals when exposed to moisture, such as perspiration. As a result, the ears can become red, itch, and swell.

Those who suffer from these symptoms should look for jewelry made of hypoallergenic metals. Much of the jewelry marketed as hypoallergenic is made of gold, platinum, copper, titanium and stainless steel.


What about Gold and Silver?

The purity of gold is measured in karats, which is translated to indicate how much pure gold is in the earring and how much is made of alloy metals. Therefore, certain forms of gold are likely to contain traces of metals that might potentially cause allergic reactions. When the karats of gold reaches 24, that is the maximum percentage of gold.  In other words, 24k gold is 100% pure gold, and there is nothing better for plating hypoallergenic jewelry to make gold earrings.

In addition, many types of jewelry containing precious metals have alloys with various metals as the base. Therefore, often gold and silver earrings may be nickel in disguise, because that is what the center of the piece of jewelry is made of.


What is Hypoallergenic Jewelry?

Pure precious metals, which can be costly, are often advertised as hypoallergenic. This jewelry can be said to be reliably hypoallergenic if it has passed certain tests indicating an absence of metals that cause irritation.

A less expensive metal used in hypoallergenic jewelry is surgical stainless steel, which is durable and very unlikely source of irritation. While some forms of hypoallergenic stainless steel jewelry contain trace amounts of nickel, the nickel is so tightly bound on a molecular level that these pieces will test negative for nickel. These tests demonstrate that the skin does not detect the presence of the metal and won’t show allergic symptoms.

Earrings made of relatively pure forms of precious metal and hypoallergenic stainless steel are much less likely to cause irritation than regular jewelry. Purchasing jewelry that has tested negative for nickel protects against irritation and the return of allergic symptoms. This is jewelry that you can enjoy day after day without any worries.

Gold Plated 8MM Simulated White Pearl

How can you tell if Jewelry is Allergy Free?

Gold Plated 8MM Simulated White Pearl

Gold Plated 8MM Simulated White Pearl

People with nickel sensitivities often ask: How can you tell if jewelry is allergy free?  With the prevalence of jewelry allergies, the terms “hypoallergenic” and “nickel-free” are used often in marketing nowadays. While the EU has placed restrictions on the sale of jewelry containing nickel, a metal that has been identified as a main cause of many metal allergies, in other countries, the term “nickel free” can be used freely, and is not subject to regulations. How can you be sure that the jewelry is allergy free to the point where it will not give you problems?


What Causes Earring Allergies?

Allergies to jewelry are relatively common and cause many people to avoid wearing earrings altogether, or limit their selection. Fortunately, taking extreme measures such as this is not necessary, since there are many hypoallergenic jewelry options available, especially with increasing awareness about metal allergies.

An allergic reaction arises as a result of crystal-like flakes of the metal penetrating the skin after the metal gets wet, especially through perspiration. The result may be itching or red dots or swelling and extreme discomfort.


The Problem with Nickel

A large proportion of metal allergies are specifically to nickel, which is the material used often in jewelry making because of its durability and low price. Those with nickel allergies may want to avoid cheaper types of jewelry, such as earrings that are available for a few dollars at bargain retailers.

In addition, costume jewelry and second-hand earrings should be avoided, because they often contain large amounts of nickel. People with allergies should examine items carefully before purchasing them and to determine whether earrings are silver or silver plated. A plated item has base metals underneath which are likely to contain nickel.


Precious Metal Jewelry Might Not Be Allergy-Free

Those searching for hypoallergenic jewelry may prefer purer alloys and high-quality precious metals which tend to be more expensive and often offer no guarantee that the item is allergy-free. Even valuable varieties of gold may contain a portion of brass, copper and nickel. Those with less pronounced symptoms may avoid discomfort when they put on 14 karat gold earrings, for instance, even if there may be nickel in them. Others may wear silver, platinum or palladium comfortably in purer forms, although for those who are highly sensitive to nickel, the skin may react if there is more than a small amount of the metal present.

Stainless steel is a popular affordable metal used in hypoallergenic jewelry, and it is often thought to be allergy-free. One way of looking at it would be to use the term “virtually” nickel free. Some types of hypoallergenic earrings may contain nickel, but the metal exists in a form that, on a molecular level, suppresses the expression of certain qualities that give rise to allergic reaction. Therefore, there is nickel present, but it is not “available.”

One tool people with metal allergies use is a kit to test for certain metals. Statements made by shops and websites that items are tested as allergy-free may actually mean the nickel does not show up on the test and does not cause allergies. Customers can also confirm the results at home with a metal test kit, which contains small bottles of solution that can be rubbed onto jewelry and produces prompt results.

JA288-A Silver Star Flower Post Earrings

Earrings for Sensitive Skin ?

JA288-A Silver Star Flower Post Earrings

JA288-A Silver Star Flower Post Earrings

Who doesn’t love a beautiful pair of earrings? There are many people, however, who have allergic reactions to common types of jewelry. The symptoms can range from mild itching to red bumps and swelling. An earring allergy occurs when the metal in the jewelry is moistened and small crystals are released. These crystals penetrate the skin and, for people who are sensitive to the metal, can cause an allergic reaction.  Unfortunately, having an allergic reaction to earrings is not uncommon and the prevalence of metal allergies has led the EU to place certain restrictions on nickel jewelry which tells us just how serious this issue is.  Earrings for sensitive skin, made with this problem in mind, may be your answer.


Nickel and Metal Allergies

Nickel is identified as the metal that is prone to give rise to allergic reactions among sensitive jewelry wearers. It is commonly used in jewelry making because of its strength and low cost. One reason people who shop for earrings for sensitive skin may avoid cheaper or low-grade jewelry is that it often contains a high proportion of nickel. Costume jewelry and second hand items may also create irritation.

People with allergies to nickel often shop for earrings in stores and websites geared specifically to hypoallergenic jewelry or look for higher quality, purer alloys.

While those with severe jewelry allergies strive to avoid nickel altogether, some people with sensitive skin may be fine with items that contain only small amounts of nickel. This means that wearing a 14k gold necklace or earrings, even if there is some nickel present, may not cause irritation. Another idea is to look for alloys that contain metals like palladium, which is a white metal similar to platinum, but less expensive.


Precious Metals and Stainless Steel

Obviously, looking for precious metals in purer forms may mean spending a lot of money. Those who are on the lookout for affordable hypoallergenic jewelry often opt for stainless or surgical steel, which tends to be kinder on the skin than regular jewelry. The terms “nickel free” or “hypoallergenic” may appear with some frequency, and it is useful to understand the distinctions.

Many forms of stainless steel contain around 8-10% nickel. However, this nickel exists in a way that is not “available” or its molecular structure does not allow to express traits that may lead to allergic reactions. Even if some types of stainless steel earrings contain nickel, tests for nickel may show the items are nickel free. A number of shops and websites selling hypoallergenic jewelry may indicate that the items are tested as nickel free, but it is also possible to purchase a tester to use at home.


Earrings for Sensitive Skin

Jewelry adds beauty and character to any outfit, but those with metal allergies have to be careful what accessories they buy. Fortunately, there are many kinds of earrings on the market that do not create an allergic reaction. Try using the hypoallergenic options for earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and other items to experience the joy of beautiful jewelry without the pain of allergic reactions.

Surgical Stainless Steel 7mm Cubic Zirconia Round Cut Earrings

Are Hypoallergenic Earrings Allergy Free ?

Surgical Stainless Steel 7mm Cubic Zirconia Round Cut Earrings

Surgical Stainless Steel 7mm Cubic Zirconia Round Cut Earrings

You might not realize it until your earlobes turn red and start to itch, but you may have an earring allergy. No one likes to put on a pair of pretty earrings only to discover that they cause itching and irritation, so many people rely on hypoallergenic earrings, and demand for the products is fierce.

The term “hypoallergenic” is heard often, and refers to something that is free from allergy-producing materials. For most people who have allergies to regular jewelry, that means nickel, which is a leading cause of skin irritation, and therefore, it is often assumed that hypoallergenic jewelry made from stainless steel contains no nickel.

The two questions that arise are, “Is this assumption true?” and “What affect will this jewelry have on someone who is allergic?”

Metals and Allergies

Nickel is one of the metals most widely used in alloys for jewelry making, and it is prized for its sturdiness and cost-effectiveness. However, it is also the ingredient in jewelry that most commonly leads to allergy symptoms, particularly when oxidation occurs.

Metals used often in hypoallergenic jewelry include gold, platinum, copper, titanium and stainless steel. Precious metals carry the advantages of high value, beauty and, in many cases, hypoallergenic qualities, but they also command a hefty price tag.

When discussing hypoallergenic jewelry made of precious metals, it should be emphasized that these are made of the solid metal, and not gold or platinum plated items, which can have a substantial amount of nickel as the base metal.

What about Stainless Steel?

Much of the affordably-priced hypoallergenic earrings are made of stainless steel. It could be assumed that because these earrings are said to be hypoallergenic, that they are free of nickel. There is some justice in this assumption, but the fact is that most stainless steel jewelry contains at least small amounts of nickel, around 8 to 12%.

However, the nickel that exists in jewelry that merits the description as hypoallergenic is so tightly bound on a molecular level that it doesn’t behave the way regular nickel does. In a sense, it is not “available,” is not sensed by the skin, and does not cause irritation.

Neutralized Nickel

So the answer to the above questions is, yes, contrary to popular belief, hypoallergenic stainless steel jewelry does contain some nickel, but no, it might not matter in the sense that it will not cause an allergic reaction, because your skin doesn’t feel it.

One way to prove that the small amount of nickel in hypoallergenic jewelry is not “available” to cause allergic reactions is if the jewelry tests negative for nickel. Many high-quality hypoallergenic earrings made of stainless steel do test negative for nickel. Therefore, you can still feel confident that the hypoallergenic earrings you own will not irritate your skin, because if the nickel they contain is in a form that is “locked” and can’t cause irritation to your skin, you won’t feel the difference.

handmade soap

Why should I use handmade soap ?

Next time you walk through the soap aisle in your local store, look more closely at the labels. You might notice that most of the bars on the shelf do not say “soap” on their labels. Instead, you will see names like beauty bar, body bar, moisturizing bar, or some other variation. The list of ingredients may include strange-sounding things like “sodium laureth sulfate” or “sodium lauroyl isethionate.”

These products are not actually soap: they are detergents in bar form. Commercial manufacturers remove beneficial things that naturally occur in the soapmaking process, such as glycerin, and replace them with synthetic lathering agents and harsh chemical surfactants. Artificial surfactants, such as sodium laureth sulfate, technically do the same thing as soap; they are simply harsher on the skin, and made in large factories using chemicals derived from petroleum. While inexpensive, these detergent bars can exacerbate skin problems, particularly for those who already have sensitive skin. If you notice regions on your skin that feel irritated, an important factor to consider is what you are using to wash your skin.

True soap, particularly handmade all-natural soap, is much more gentle. Handmade soap cleans your skin and leaves it feeling moisturized and supple – a detergent bar tends to strip away beneficial oils and leave your skin feeling dried out. True handmade soap naturally contains glycerin, which is one of the best possible skin moisturizers. Again, glycerin is typically removed from commercially-produced soaps.

Modern commercial detergents are often touted as being superior cleaning agents; this is simply not true. All soaps and detergents will remove the things that you want to wash from your skin, the only difference is the condition in which they leave your skin when the washing is done. Some additions to commercial soaps are simply unneccesary; after numerous studies, the FDA found no evidence that washing with antibacterial soaps provides any benefit over washing with regular soap. Some antibacterial agents, such as triclosan, actually contribute to drug-resistant “superbugs”; why would you want this in your soap? One could say that there was never a good reason to use synthetic detergents in place of handmade soap, other than convenience to the manufacturer (not the actual user).

All true soap is made from specific kinds and mixtures of natural oils Look for ingredients on soap labels such as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Be wary of scents, fragrances, and color additives – while some are natural, many are also synthetic products. Look for soaps that only use real essential oils, which are scents distilled directly from the natural plant material. Lavender has a calming effect which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Essential oils such as lemongrass, mint, and cedar are naturally anti-microbial. Many handmade natural soapmakers also produce unscented soaps.

In summary, if you have issues with skin sensitivity, pay attention to what goes on your skin every day.  At Sensitively Yours, we offer a line of all-natural, handmade soap: Mu Soap
Try one of our most popular natural soaps is Lemongrass, made with a blend of both lemongrass and may chang essential oils.

Surgical Stainless Steel 7mm Cubic Zirconia Princess Cut Earrings

Benefits of Buying Stainless Steel Earring Sets

Surgical Stainless Steel 7mm Cubic Zirconia Princess Cut Earrings

Surgical Stainless Steel 7mm Cubic Zirconia Princess Cut Earrings

The stainless steel earring is fast becoming a fashionable choice because of its beautiful silver finish and versatility in design. The strong metal produces a striking luster that is durable and will not tarnish with regular use. Stainless steel earring sets are available in a variety of classic and modern styles including surgical grades for metal allergy sufferers.

The use of surgical stainless steel in the design of jewelry offers a hypoallergenic metal that includes a natural resistance to scratches and is easy to clean. Earrings made from this material produce a beautiful finish when barrel polished. It is long lasting and serves as one of the most valuable options for those interested in quality hypoallergenic jewelry.

Additionally, when used as a base material, surgical stainless steel can be plated with 24 karat gold, creating a double layer protection against irritation and allergic reaction. On its own, it is especially resistant to the formation of corrosion or any discoloration. Although it does contain small amounts of nickel, the nickel is so tightly bound on a molecular level that it is extremely unlikely to cause irritation.

For people with a severe metal sensitivity, it is a combination of alloys, usually containing significant amounts of nickel, which is responsible for the formation of contact dermatitis and can be avoided with the choice of hypoallergenic styles. However, people can develop skin allergies, even later in life, that even include pure gold. That’s why it’s also important to make sure that the manufacturer backs their products with a guarantee against reaction. If their earrings don’t work for you, you should be entitled to a full refund.

In summary, stainless steel earring sets are naturally resistant to tarnish and can easily be kept clean. It is one of the most durable metals that includes a hypoallergenic range that is suited to individuals with a metal sensitivity. Styles include a broad range of designs that offer value, high quality, and long lasting results that include a smooth surface with a seamless finish. At Sensitively Yours, we offer exactly those types of earrings and jewelry. We also back all of our products with a lifetime guarantee against reaction.

S854STX - Gold Plated .925 Silver 18Gauge 3/4 inch Smooth Hinged Hoop - sensitive ears earrings

Buying Sensitive Ears Earrings Online

How would you go about buying sensitive ears earrings online? Since there are usually limited styles and quantities in the stores, you might want to check out some of the sites that either specialize in sensitive ears earrings or carry a wide selection of this type of jewelry. If you are used to purchasing your jewelry in a store, you may be a little uncertain about buying sensitive ears earrings on the Internet.

If the website lacks adequate descriptions of the material that the earrings are made from, it’s going to be very difficult for you to make a solid online purchase. You want to look for a website that will provide you with a well-defined material description so that you don’t accidentally purchase the wrong kind.

Some sites will sell hypoallergenic earrings under a specific category. If your ears are sensitive to the nickel found in many of the regular earring selections, you may or may not be able to wear just any hypoallergenic type. If you’ve worn them successfully in the past then there’s obviously not going to be an issue. If you have not been able to wear them successfully, you can consider yourself in need of a better material description.

Opting for pure gold, pure silver, or pure platinum can be a safe option. Of course, these can be rather pricey. Your earring budget can be significantly hampered by the price of some of the precious and semi precious metals, and who wants to only have enough money in their budget to buy only one pair of earrings per year?

If you find a website with a broad selection of surgical grade steel earrings you are much more likely to be able to wear them with comfort and still have ample in the budget for a few additional pairs. These earrings are often the first choice of those with sensitive ears. Ordinary hypoallergenic earrings do not always provide enough protection from nickel to ensure your comfort.

S854STX - Gold Plated .925 Silver 18Gauge 3/4 inch Smooth Hinged Hoop - sensitive ears earrings

S854STX – Gold Plated .925 Silver 18Gauge 3/4 inch Smooth Hinged Hoop

Since there are websites that can provide you with the , it really won’t take you long to find a pair that you fall in love with. Before you complete your purchase, check the site’s policy on returns. If something has been mislabeled or misrepresented you want to have the option to send it back, preferably for a full refund.

Buying sensitive ears earrings online at Sensitively Yours gives you a much broader and interesting selection than most traditional stores. Of course, the ease and convenience of simply shopping online will save you from the hassle and expense of running from one store to another in search of the earrings you want and can comfortably wear. Additionally, Sensitively Yours gives you a lifetime guaranty against reactions.

stainless steel earrings for women

Finding The Best Stainless Steel Earrings For Women

stainless steel earrings for women

JA284 Gold Star Flower Earrings on Gold French Hook

If you are woman who enjoys wearing earrings but cannot anymore due to sensitivity, there may be a solution for you. It involves finding earrings made with the right hypoallergenic materials. There are a number of options available, but the best choices for a feminine look are stainless steel earrings for women. Here are some tips for finding those jewelry items at the best prices.

First, look for stainless steel that is rated as “surgical” grade. This insures you are not getting jewelry that contains a large amount of nickel that easily irritates. Many kinds of metal jewelry have nickel alloy in them, and if your ears are sensitive, you need to avoid nickel wherever you can. Also, some retailers may list their jewelry as “nickel free”, but please dig deeper to find out what they are actually made of. A truly good set of stainless steel earrings for women are either made entirely of surgical stainless steel and then either barrel polished to a beautiful silver luster or thickly plated in 24k (pure) gold.

Second, consider shopping for your hypoallergenic jewelry on the internet. You will find a number of advantages to shopping this way. For one thing, you are not limited by your time schedule. You may shop for your favorite ear jewelry in the middle of the night or early on Saturday morning, if you like. Online jewelers are always open for business.

Keep in mind that online jewelers often have much lower prices than local shops, and this doesn’t mean they sell cheap merchandise. It only means they have much lower operating costs to deal with. That is why they can afford to charge affordable prices for their stainless steel earrings for women.

Third, choose a trusted jewelry retailer. Check to see how long they have been in business and look for online testimonials and reviews. These sources can tell you a great deal about a jeweler and save you a lot of headaches. Also, check out money saving offers and online coupon or promotion codes. These strategies can save you a significant amount of money. Lastly, verify that they have a money back guarantee in case things do not work out.

We live up to all the above best practices at Sensitively Yours. We have been online since 2004 and are always introducing new styles, accessories, and other products for people with sensitivities, especially in the category of stainless steel earrings for women. We not only give you a money back guarantee, but we also extend that guarantee for life. Next, visit our various categories, starting with our Best Sellers!

JA288-A Silver Star Flower Post Earrings

Why Wear Surgical Steel Post Earrings?

JA288-A Silver Star Flower Post Earrings

JA288-A Silver Star Flower Post Earrings on angle no back

Do you have problems with pierced ear jewelry? Maybe it makes your ears turn red, itch, feel hot, or cause you to develop infections. The problem may not be in the earring set but in the materials they are made from. Irritation means you should choose ear jewelry that is hypoallergenic in nature. But, there’s no reason to choose plastic, when metal is available. In fact, most people with sensitivity to metals can wear surgical steel post earrings without any problems.

Nickel is one of the most common forms of metal allergies today, affecting a large percentage of our population to some degree or another. Unfortunately, many types of ear jewelry contain small amounts of nickel. In fact, even conventional stainless steel has a nickel alloy to help make it resist corrosion and rust.

Surgical stainless steel is chosen for its safety in medical procedures, and it does contain a small amount of nickel. However, its low carbon content creates a bond with the nickel so tight that it is not released to the skin. Therefore, most people with nickel allergies are unaffected. Only in extreme cases does it bother the wearer.

Do you want ear jewelry that is easy to care for?   Surgical steel post earrings are made to resist rust and discoloration. Polished to a high luster, they exhibit a silver-like luster and resist scratches. This makes surgical steel one of the most durable jewelry metals that you can buy. Your jewelry should last a long time and only require occasional wiping or cleaning.

Maybe you are thinking about getting your ears pierced. You’ll need to take special care of the piercings, and it may be a good idea to choose a starter earring set made from surgical steel, even if you are not sensitive to jewelry metals. This will insure that everything heals well.

Price is another important consideration when stud earring shopping. It can be very expensive to purchase gold, silver, platinum, or titanium. Surgical steel post earrings are very affordable. For proof, along with a wide variety of styles and other options, please check out our online catalog at Sensitively Yours.  For starters, see our Shop page, and it will show you some of our hottest products.

Stainless Steel Daisy Light Sapphire September Sapphire - surgical steel post earrings

Surgical Steel Earrings – The Solution to the Allergic Reactions

Stainless Steel Daisy Light Sapphire September Sapphire - surgical steel post earrings

S6399WSTX – Stainless Steel Daisy Light Sapphire September Sapphire

For those with sensitive skin or allergies, it might seem like the only option for earrings are to spend a lot of money on real silver, gold, or platinum. Fortunately, there is another, more affordable option: surgical steel earrings. Surgical steel earrings are extremely hypo-allergenic and won’t cause painful or uncomfortable reactions on your skin. They can be left in comfortably for days without fear of skin irritation or rash commonly caused by low-cost earrings.

Not only that, but this type of jewelry is great because they do not tarnish, never change color, will not stain your skin, and require no maintenance to stay looking new. They completely resist rust and corrosion and are even the preferred choice for surgical tools, granting them the name, “surgical steel”. By being the top choice for doctors, it just shows that this metal is truly durable and safe for exposing to your delicate skin.

Although it may sound like something so technical and medical could not possibly look attractive, these posts look just like white gold or platinum. They are available in a large range of appealing colors and styles and no one will be able to tell that they are so affordable and low maintenance; observers will just notice the shine and glimmer of your beautiful earrings. These kind of earrings are available in all of the latest styles that gold earrings can be found in.

They are available to suit every taste. Surgical steel earrings are available with colorful stones, pearls, and diamonds, and as simple posts, hoops, and dangly earrings – just like any other metal.

Some people have skin so sensitive and prone to allergies that even pure gold can cause a severe reaction. These people commonly experience itching, swelling, and redness around their earring site and might even be affected by crusting, bleeding, and painful burning sensations.

Creams and ointments do not help control these allergic reactions and neither does shortening the amount of time of wearing earrings. Women usually love to put on fancy jewelry for the pleasant way it makes them feel and the charm it adds to their look, so if it is causing them irritation instead, it will not seem worth the time and hassle.

Even just a few hours with non-hypoallergenic earrings in sensitive ears could be enough to spark an extreme reaction. The best solution, especially for those trying out earrings for the first time, is to stick with the smart, safe choice, and choose surgical steel earrings.

Come visit the Sensitively Yours web site where we can show you a wide variety of styles that use surgical stainless steel and 24k gold plate.   All of our products come with a lifetime money back guarantee. If you are shopping for surgical steel earrings, we’ve got you covered!

hypoallergenic stud earrings

Why Use Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings

Hypoallergenic stud earrings have made wearing earrings possible again for people who otherwise may not have been able to wear earrings at all. These types of earrings are used most often immediately following a piercing, though those who simply prefer stud earrings to other types of earrings also wear them. Most importantly, if irritation arises, hypoallergenic stud earrings are a must.

There are several types of basic earring stud styles. The first type people usually think of are the appealing shape or gemstone on a post. Then there are dangling stud earrings. A stud, sometimes called a ball post, holds these earrings in place, but the main body of the style hangs down from that point. They simply have something attached to the stud that dangles off of the ear.

There are also French hook earrings. These earrings, unlike other types of earrings, have no back to put on them most of the time. The portion of the earring that comes out the back of the ear is longer and curved to keep the earring from coming out. These earrings generally have something dangling from them as well and also come in hypoallergenic materials.

Hoop earrings are another popular choice, though they may have a kind of stud on them. The post slips through the hole in the ear and is clasped by the other side of the earring. Usually, the post slides in the top of a slit or a hole in the other side of the earring.

Regardless of what style of earring a person decides to use, those who have freshly pierced ears may want to use the ones that cause the least irritation. This is a good idea if the wearer suspects he or she has an allergy to certain types of metal. A person need not try other types of earrings to see if they are allergic to them. Instead, they can pay attention when they are wearing watches and rings to see what irritates their skin as the metal comes in close contact with the skin.

Those who have allergies to different types of metals will probably do well with hypoallergenic stud earrings based on surgical stainless steel. These earrings are made with a special combination of materials to protect the wearer from having an allergic reaction associated with metal. Allergic reactions can be itchy rashes or swelling that can become very uncomfortable.

Sensitively Yours is known for its selection in hypoallergenic stud earrings. The styles found here are made from surgical stainless steel, either plated in 24k gold or polished to a silver finish. As testimonials from our customers can tell you, these products work. Many tell us that they can finally wear earrings again. On top of that, we always offer our lifetime money back guarantee.

hypoallergenic stud earrings

JA164-A Dangling Open Gold Heart Earrings

Stainless Steel 4.5MM Fireball Crystal Earrings

Stainless Steel Stud Earrings Buying Guide

Stainless Steel 4.5MM Fireball Crystal Earrings

Stainless Steel 4.5MM Fireball Crystal Earrings

Studs have remained among the most popular and versatile in earring designs, offering a smart sophistication and casual appeal for any occasion. The dainty styles are suitable for children while larger gems produce a glamorous appeal and have been recognized as a classic fashion statement. For those affected by a metal sensitivity, it is best to choose hypoallergenic stainless steel stud earrings.

A pair of simple studs can be truly valuable in a collection of jewelry. These pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be fitted with different gemstones including diamond-like crystal. If you suffer from allergies, stainless steel or sets labeled as hypoallergenic can minimize irritation and severe reactions while you wear them.

Many people who suffer from a sensitivity towards nickel and nickel alloys are able to wear surgical stainless steel stud earrings. These styles are recommended for those who do not wish to suffer from traditional metal jewelry pieces. Typical symptoms include itching, burning, and redness. Usually, the wearer “can’t wait” to take them out and get some relief.

Avoid cosmetic jewelry studs that may consist of lower grade materials and lead to symptoms in individuals suffering from metal allergies. Hypoallergenic earrings that include a high amount of a specific element or metal will be purer in comparison to its cheaper counterparts. Stainless steel stud earrings can be sterilized more readily and are easier to keep clean.

The modern designs include bright bold crystal studs or in various oval, square, heart, and triangular shapes. Stainless steel stud earrings can be worn on a daily basis and are less subject to discoloration and the degradation that are commonly seen in other types of metals. Purchasing such items should be based on the value that it can provide to your collection as well as your skin sensitivity.

Hypoallergenic stainless steel stud earrings are largely available for individuals limited by metal allergies. At Sensitively Yours, we feature a wide variety of styles that use surgical grade stainless steel and 24k gold plate.   Every one of our styles are backed up with a lifetime money back guarantee. We have helped many people in the past in finding a solution for their sensitivity. If you are in the market for stainless steel stud earrings, please visit our website and select some that fit your style.

Gold Plated Daisy Jul Ruby Jet Earrings

Do You Need Girls Earrings For Sensitive Ears?

Gold Plated Daisy Jul Ruby Jet Earrings

S6725STX – Gold Plated Daisy Jul Ruby Jet Earrings

Perhaps your daughter or granddaughter is thinking about getting her ears pierced. This is very popular at all ages now, but some girls have problems with piercings. Plus, these problems can be compounded if she has an allergic reaction to metal. Here are some ways to tell if she is allergic and if she needs girls earrings for sensitive ears.

Many people will experience redness or itching at the site of the piercings. If the child is small and cannot talk, she may pull at one of her ears or rub it frequently. Some children may complain about a burning sensation on the ear lobes. The problem seems to go away relatively quickly when the earrings are removed.

In some cases, a skin rash may develop and it could be followed by swelling. In fact, blisters may form and then scale over. Also, the skin rash may begin to spread. Please do not take these symptoms lightly.

If you notice these reactions, the child may have an allergy to nickel. Remove the earrings and use a mild hydro-cortisone cream to help alleviate itching. If there is fever, puss, or sign of an infection, you should take the child to a doctor for treatment as soon as possible. Consider seeing a dermatologist to determine the exact nature of the allergy.

The best way to avoid this problem is to use hypoallergenic jewelry. In fact, it is recommended to use hypoallergenic materials for starter earring sets. This will make the process of healing a little easier, and you may be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary complications. There is no better time to start using hypoallergenic earrings than when the ears are first pierced.

You can find some excellent hypoallergenic earring sets for girls when you shop with an online jewelry provider. Because most irritations are caused by nickel, choose jewelry that is rated as hypoallergenic and tells you up front what metals are used. Consider materials like surgical grade stainless steel. It is excellent for people that have metal allergies and very easy to care for. Earrings plated in 24k gold are also excellent for avoiding reactions.

At Sensitively Yours, we feature a wide variety of styles that use surgical grade stainless steel and 24k gold plate. We even have a special children’s section for styles that appeal to the kids crowd. All of our products are backed up with a lifetime money back guarantee. We have been able to help many people over the past many years find a solution that works. So, if you are looking for girls earrings for sensitive ears, please browse our site and see for yourself.

Hypoallergenic Earring Backs

The Importance Of Hypoallergenic Earring Backs

Hypoallergenic Earring Backs

JBacks-LgGold-5pk Large Gold Earring Backs

If you lost a back to one of your stud earrings, don’t worry, you can replace the back parts easily. However, if you are sensitive to some kinds of jewelry metals, you could have problems. That is why you should choose a material that is made for sensitive ears like hypoallergenic earring backs. Here is some helpful information on choosing the best kinds of materials.

When you order just the backs for earrings, always check to see what material they are made from. Many people cannot wear anything that contains a significant amount of nickel. The same is true when ordering earrings. Some earrings made with precious metals may have posts made with a nickel alloy, and this can cause irritation problems.

If you buy white gold earring back parts you may experience problems as well. Many kinds of white gold today contain nickel. However, white gold with palladium does not have nickel. To be sure, always check to see if the earrings are labeled “nickel allergy free” and that you buy them from a trusted jewelry source.

Yellow gold may be safe to wear, but you should always make sure it is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Titanium is a good selection. However, due to the cost of this metal, it could be beyond many budgets these days. Lower cost alternatives are out there, so let’s name a few of the best.

Some great options include hypoallergenic earring backs made out of nylon or rubber. They are both inexpensive and comfortable. If you are the kind of person who loses backs frequently, having a supply of these on hand helps a lot. In addition, another inexpensive choice is surgical grade stainless steel. Not only is it affordable, it is very durable and easy to take care of. You can get them in polished surgical stainless steel or plated with 24k gold to match most of your earrings.

When you shop for hypoallergenic earring backs, carefully check out the best available options online. Sometimes you can save a great deal of money this way. Plus, it is one of the most convenient and safest ways you can shop, and there is no need to leave the house. At Sensitively Yours, you will find a great selection of earring accessories, including hypoallergenic earring backs made from surgical stainless steel, surgical stainless steel plated in 24k gold, clear nylon, and soft rubber.

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Benefits of Surgical Steel Earrings for Kids

If your child is interested in jewelry and wants a set of earrings, keep in mind, not everyone can wear jewelry made from certain metals, especially in pierced jewelry. There are many good selections available, but surgical steel earrings for kids may be some of the very best choices on the market today, and here are some reasons why.

Many types of jewelry use what is known as “surgical stainless steel”, because it is a versatile earring material. For example, it will go well with everyday clothing and also can be used for dress occasions. In addition, it looks good in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and is excellent for pierced earring jewelry.

Surgical stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes it very easy to care for. It also does not attract germs or bacteria and can be sterilized. That is why you will find this wonderful material in many modern day surgery centers. In fact, it is an excellent choice for pierced jewelry, as it limits the chance for developing a reaction or an infection. Plus, it does not look cheap or inexpensive, and has a high luster.

Surgical stainless steel is an excellent choice for children with sensitive ears. In fact, it may work better than most metals, even silver or gold. This is something to consider for anyone with skin allergies or a history of allergic reactions.  Surgical steel earrings for kids can also come in 24k gold plate, doubling the protection.

Earring price is an important consideration today, and surgical steel is much less expensive than gold or silver. Plus, it is considerably more affordable than platinum or titanium. Also, this metal is very durable and is a good choice for items that are worn during sports and activities. When you shop with a trusted online jeweler you can find some of the best earrings for children, and at very good prices.

At Sensitively Yours, every one of our surgical steel earrings for kids begin with a surgical stainless steel base. Some are then finished with a barrel polishing technique that gives them a silver-like luster. Others are plated in pure gold at 8 – 10 mils in thickness. And, yes, in addition to affordable prices, we have a no questions asked lifetime money back guarantee.

S885STX Gold Plated 5x5mm Cubic Zirconia Heart

Tips To Buying Allergy Free Earrings

Earrings come in many different styles and materials, but not all are compatible with sensitive skin. Allergy free earrings can be purchased in a wide range of modern and traditional designs and should be top priority when irritation develops with any jewelry. There are a number of important tips to consider in finding appealing and valuable allergy free earrings.

First, while the correct purchase decision can add beautiful jewelry designs to your collection, you don’t have to sacrifice your style. Finding “hypoallergenic” earrings will allow you to purchase various pieces that may be mixed and matched to add appeal and glamour to any outfit. From studs to hoops, there are many different pieces that are available and compatible with individual tastes.

It’s a fact, people with sensitive ears can get great results by choosing hypoallergenic earrings that will prevent discomfort while giving the wearer that desired, attractive look. However, the choice of jewelry should be based first on nickel content since not all hypoallergenic earrings are created equal. Shop for lower levels of nickel in the earrings to minimize the symptoms that are associated with an allergic reaction to particular metals.

Popular choices for lower or no nickel content include surgical stainless steel and pure gold plated designs that can be purchased with gemstones for a hint of sparkle. These styles can be worn every day or with formal apparel as it adds a touch of sophistication and striking appeal. These ranges are valuable and affordable making it possible to choose many varieties that will complement individual preferences and outfits.

Studs can be worn for a casual appeal or more professional look that are also easy to maintain and wear daily. This versatile range is available in gold and silver and, once again, should be chosen according to the levels of nickel that are contained to prevent severe allergic reactions. Surgical stainless steel and thick 24k gold plated styles are among the most hypoallergenic materials you can buy, especially on a budget. Lastly, make sure that if things go wrong, you can get your money back, anytime.

When searching for earrings for sensitivity, its essential to find the right combination in allergy free earrings that can provide all day comfort when worn daily. So, in summary:

  • the product should state “hypoallergenic”
  • the product is great if its based on surgical stainless steel
  • the gold plating is pure and good if its 24k and between 5-10 mils thick
  • the company is fantastic if it offers a wide selection of styles and stands behind its products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

At Sensitively Yours, we meet each of these criteria and have a long history of success with many customers. Come and see why so many people have found the answer they have been looking for at  Sensitively Yours.

Stainless Steel Daisy August Peridot May Emerald Earrings

The Importance of Hypoallergenic Earrings for Children

Stainless Steel Daisy August Peridot May Emerald Earrings

Stainless Steel Daisy August Peridot May Emerald Earrings

Many kids today are into jewelry, because it gives them a chance to express themselves. Earring jewelry is as big as it ever was with more variety than before. Adults will also buy earrings as gifts for their children and grandchildren. While you can find many different kinds of beautiful earrings, some of the children who wear them may be sensitive to what’s in them. Here are some important things to know about hypoallergenic earrings for children.

A child may develop an allergy to nickel in jewelry. After all, it is a very common ingredient in many kinds of modern jewelry today. With a nickel allergy, the child’s ear may turn bright red, and it may also burn or itch. To avoid this scenario, try shopping for jewelry specifically labeled hypoallergenic and pay particular attention to the materials used.

Plastic is becoming more and more common today and some modern day plastics are very strong and durable. This is a potential material to choose for anyone with an allergy to metals. Plastic will not rust or tarnish with use, and will retain its original shape. However, then may fade and become brittle over time. And, if you want something for special occasions, the plain look of plastic may not be sufficient.

You can choose from a number of hypoallergenic precious metals today. For instance, gold, silver, and titanium are available. Silver is the cheapest option to consider, but it tends to tarnish quickly. Titanium is one of the better non-allergic metals, and it is frequently used to create body implants, but it is very expensive. Gold is often considered expensive, but when it is pure (24k) and used as a plating, you get the best of all worlds – hypoallergenic with beauty, durability, and affordability.

Many parents are turning to jewelry made from surgical stainless steel for their children. The nature of this metal makes it hypoallergenic as well, which means a child is a lot less likely to get a reaction. When you shop for kids hypoallergenic earrings, always choose a trusted source for your jewelry. This insures that you get high quality selections at an affordable price. Look for the manufacturer’s money back guarantee. Look for a description of materials that states the base material is surgical stainless steel. If they carry gold plated products, check to see if it’s 24k gold plated to at least 5 to 8 mils in thickness.

Top quality jewelry will last a long time and provide your child with many years of enjoyment. Also, a trusted online jeweler may be one of the best sources to buy from. They can provide high quality, large selections, and low prices on hypoallergenic earrings for children. At Sensitively Yours, all of our children’s styles start out with a surgical stainless steel base. Some are then finished with a barrel polishing technique that gives them a silver-like luster. Others are plated in pure gold at 8 – 10 mils in thickness. And, yes, we have a no questions asked money back guarantee … for life.

S854WSTX - Silver 18Gauge 3/4 inch Smooth Hinged Hoop

What Are The Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears?

S854WSTX - Silver 18Gauge 3/4 inch Smooth Hinged Hoop

S854WSTX – Silver 18Gauge 3/4 inch Smooth Hinged Hoop

A beautiful earring set can go with so many different outfits. So, having earrings that work for you is essential. Many people of all walks of life are wearing this type of jewelry, but it can sometimes present a problem. You may have found that your ears turn red, itch, and become sore, and this can make it very uncomfortable, even unbearable. So what are the best earrings for sensitive ears? Here is a closer look.

Some people may have issues with the metals used in the construction of the earrings. For example, it’s not uncommon to put nickel alloys in jewelry, and this can cause allergic reactions. If you are allergic to nickel you may notice an itching, burning sensation, or redness in less than a day’s time. If this is the case, the earrings should immediately be removed and you may notice relief within a few hours.

It may be a good idea to thoroughly clean each earring before using it, especially for the first time but also on a regular basis. Be sure to rinse and gently clean them off or there could be microscopic residue of cleaning agents or other irritants still on the earring surface. This could be what causes the irritation, and the metal may not actually be a problem.

When you have skin sensitivity always look for jewelry that is stated to be hypoallergenic. The good news these days is that you have many more choices when it comes to hypoallergenic selections. A large number of people have excellent results with surgical stainless steel. It’s effective, affordable, and shines like silver when highly polished.

Surgical steel is an excellent choice for many reasons. As mentioned before, it is not as expensive as precious metals. Additionally, it’s durable, strong, and versatile. In fact, surgical steel is often used to make earring posts and wires, due to its non-allergic nature along with its toughness and resilient properties.

Other selections include gold plating. It’s less expensive than platinum, silver, or solid gold. However, even though gold is sometimes considered to be too soft by some, gold plating is an excellent choice as a coating over surgical stainless steel. At Sensitively Yours, that’s precisely how we make the best earrings for sensitive ears – we use surgical stainless steel and either polished it to a gorgeous luster or plate it in thick 24k gold.